Rarely Asked Questions

What exactly is “StuffOnBikes.com?”

StuffOnBikes.com is what the kids these days call a pH0T0bLaWg LoloLoL. For you folks over the age of 12, that means it’s a website that gives readers an opportunity to submit evidence of oversized, awkward and otherwise strange or humorous cargo on their two-wheeled vehicles.

Who exactly isĀ  “StuffOnBikes.com?”

StuffOnBikes.com is the incredibly brilliant brainchild of one Ziad Ezzat, local San Francisco eccentric, accused “web humorist,” avid motorcyclist, and member of the Vampires Motorcycle Club.

Why exactly is “StuffOnBikes.com?”

StuffOnBikes.com is just for fun, so don’t take anything too seriously.

The staff here at StuffOnBikes.com world headquarters do not condone unsafe riding of any kind, and we certainly don’t encourage you to put your health or life in jeopardy just for a goofy picture. Always ride safely, and never put a load on your bike that might cause you to crash, fall off, or drop your crap in front of someone else and potentially cause them harm.

Please be sure to only submit pictures to which you have the rights. If there’s any doubt whatsoever about the content and/or subjects of your photo(s), please blur faces and license plates. If you don’t know how to do that, contact the administrator (me) at ziad@stuffonbikes.com and I’ll do it for you out.

If you see an unauthorized picture of yourself or your vehicle on this site, please contact me and I’ll review the photo and/or take it down immediately.

Are you awesome?


Do you accept donations?

If, for some bizarre reason, you wish to give me money in exchange for nothing, I will certainly accept it. It might be wiser, however, to offer that cash up somewhere where it can be put to more constructive use, like a non-profit charity, or a campfire.

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